Friday, January 13, 2012


It's the weekend and I couldn't be any more excited. Have you ever had a week where it just takes it all out of you?! I JUST DID. And it was glorious in a phoenix dying and rising from the ashes kind of way.

And that was me being very dramatic.

Excitement came in the form of this:

I'm sure you've already watched it but I thought I'd share and add that part of this was filmed in Newport, RI, where I lived from roughly 2006-2010. The part in which you see The Swinton was filmed at Trinity Church where my friend Brent is the music director and where my name is inscribed in Sharpie in the steeple. A little bit of trivia for you! (On a sadder note, I ruined a pair of shoes I loved by climbing up that steeple.)

I'm hoping to finally conquer my Top 10 (+3 Honorable Mentions) of 2011 this weekend, as well as start an exciting new feature.

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