Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Titanium Valentine

Every year Boston puts on something called the '48 Hour Film Project' where a few groups all enter a festival of sorts to make a film in 48 hours. The groups are given 3 words--one a genre, one a prop, one a word that must be used in the script--and have to make the film in 48 hours according to that criteria. My friends over at Striving Artists' Theater Company have been participating for many years now and I think have made their best film yet this year in My Titanium Valentine, a musical. It's just hilarious fun, and I want it replayed all the time in my brain. (Also, this week will schedule my return to blogging. I promise!)  Enjoy below:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Return!

My big comeback is coming, betches!

I am so sorry for everyone and anyone who has been reading Cinephilia & Sass and been pissed that I've basically abandoned you. I promise I haven't! In the past month I have gone from working part-time in CT and living there to working full-time in Manhattan for a publisher and living in Brooklyn. It's been tumultuous and extremely busy. This upcoming week things are going to finally slow down which means that I'll finally get back to writing about film, fashion, music, and everything pop culture. This excites me to no end!

I'm hoping to have a Stuck-in-my-Head Sunday tomorrow to kick off the blog's rejuvenation and then I'll get back to one or two posts a day on average. I'm also completely disregarding everything I've seen from the time I stopped posting until now. That means that the Eyre-athon is officially over, even though I've finally seen the Mia Wasikowska version (B) and finished the 1980s BBC mini-series (B+). There will be some exciting this happening with the blog soon, I hope!

I would also love some people to come and write weekly features, so if you're at all interested, contact me!

Miss you babes.