Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Beauty & The Beast (With Admiration for Disney and the Reprise)

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Although Aladdin is my favorite of the Disney fairy-tale musicals, Beauty & The Beast is a very close second. Belle is my favorite of the cartoon princesses--like many of my female friends--not just because she was the only brunette but also because she loved to read and was an outsider because of that. My friends and I as children were basically different versions of her. Therefore, this film has always had a special place in my heart.

(The one thing I don't like is its creation of the 'Belle/Beast' syndrome: girls who loved the film as a child are more apt to be in relationships with complete beasts of men in hopes they'll change because the film taught them that with love and devotion you can change ANY MAN! So many female friends of mine I can diagnose with chronic 'Belle/Beast' syndrome.)

Looking at an animated film for a great shot is a different experience solely because as a viewer I'm so much more concerned with the beauty in the drawings. Disney's hand-drawn animation is rarely rivaled, and Beauty & The Beast is such a gorgeous piece of work. Out of all of the shots and moments in the entire film I had to succumb to the most famous scene. There's no wonder the ballroom scene is as famous as it is since it's the culmination of a carefully built love story and is beautiful in its combination of hand-drawn animation and remarkably subtle CGI. With Mrs. Potts singing that fantastic song in the background there just isn't anyway the scene could go wrong. When I saw this frame in particular I actually got misty:
How beautiful is that?!  The Beast shocked at his relationship to this girl, whilst Belle is exuding comfort and love.  It's an amazing moment and is why Disney will always have a fantastic reputation, no matter how many times they rape their classics for sequels. Quick rant: I would think that with the success of Tangled and the continued respect and love for their past fairy-tale musicals that they'd realize there is a HUGE market for these films still.  They're idiots and don't fucking understand a damn thing. Pixar has the CGI market cornered!  You are known for your hand-drawn classics so GET TO IT.  (Although Tangled was quite amazing in the way they used CGI)

My other favorite shots:

What I realized most about this exercise is how good Disney is at giving their characters sung soliloquys, and how each time they've given these moments to their characters it's been my favorite part of the films (the Aladdin one being my favorite):

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