Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Goonies

Before this past Saturday, April 2nd, 2011, I had never seen The Goonies.  It's craziness and I was very ashamed of this fact. A very good friend of mine who raves about the film finally forced me to watch it and so we took our PB sandwiches and milkshakes and sat down for some childhood fun.

My only thought:

I wish I had seen this when I was 8.

I liked The Goonies quite a bit, I can't lie. I think it's Stand By Me mixed with Indiana Jones and a little bit of Home Alone thrown in. With a formula like that you just can't go wrong. Yet the 22 year old me enjoyed it but didn't love it. I think if I'd seen it 14 years ago when I was watching Scream and the Halloween movies instead I would've enjoyed it much more (and perhaps not be so messed-up!).  So it's with a very sad face that I give The Goonies just a paltry B. It's a film that was made for children, and that shows. It's B-level Spielberg in the sense that it has the childlike wonder and adventure but is lacking the extra dimension to push it to another level. There's something missing now that I've seen it as an adult, and I realized that I'd rather be watching Stand By Me instead.

P.S.: I love this reunion shot of the characters from a bunch of years ago:


  1. blablabla Stand By Me blablabla.
    You are right, though, your appreciation of the film is tainted by the fact that you didn't first experience it as a kid. You will never be a true goonie!!

  2. Are you from Toronto, because this was playing at the Lightbox at one time. I'll watch this one day.
    And Josh Brolin looks so Dawson's Creek in hat picture.

  3. Okinawa, I'm not from Toronto, no. Although many times I wish I were! I almost moved to Toronto last summer to work for TIFF, but problems with my visa inhibited me.

    LOL @ the Brolin comment.