Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elle -- Women in Music Issue

Elle's next issue features a big spread of fabulous shots of various women in the music industry.  From Willow Smith to Stevie Nicks, every genre, age, ethnicity, and body type is accounted for.

They happened to feature my 4 favorite female artists of the past couple of years who are never auto-tuned and write all of their own music.  One of these I have seen live, and I would kill to see any of the other 3.  Kudos to them:
Her voice and lyrics are absolutely amazing in their power and simplicity.  If you haven't purchased or listened to her albums 19 or 21, I recommend you do so immediately.  

Florence Welch from Florence+The Machine
This girl is a goddess in style, performance, and lyric.  She has written what is perhaps my favorite song of all time: 'Cosmic Love', and I am so excited for their next album to drop later this year.  It'll be so epic.  Also, her concert was a serious religious experience for me.  I came out of that building completely changed.  

This woman has not made an album since 2007's  amazing 'The Reminder', and I know she's working on one now but it can't come fast enough.  I listen to that album more and more each year.  Like Florence+The Machine's 'Lungs' it never gets old.  Each song classic.  Her other albums are just as good and have just as many gems.  I do love '1 2 3 4' but find SO many of her other songs even greater.  CHECK HER OUT!

'Body Talk' is the BEST POP RELEASE of 2010.
'Robyn' was the BEST POP RELEASE of 2008.
'Dancing on My Own' was my favorite song of last year.
I've featured her on the blog many times before, but I can't say enough how amazing she is. 

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