Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stuck-In-My-Head Sundays: Marina & The Diamonds 'I Am Not a Robot (Clock Opera Remix)'

Marina and the Diamonds' The Family Jewels is undeniably one of the best pop albums of 2010, with 'I Am Not a Robot' being its crowning achievement.  It's the song that defines my final year of undergraduate work and always brings me back to drunken sing-a-longs stuffed into the back of a car surrounded by people who you love uncontrollably.  I thought that I had retired the song to a very special place in my heart until I heard this amazing remix by Clock Opera.  It takes the song and transforms it into something so much more wistful and intense than it was before--and that's a feat.  I can't stop singing the 'our love faded' part again and again in my head, and I am eternally grateful to Clock Opera for making me misty many times this week as memories continually came flooding back while grooving to this amazeballs remix.  Enjoy:

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