Thursday, March 24, 2011

La Liz: 1932-2011

I know everyone is probably exhausted and red-eyed from having to be reminded of Elizabeth Taylor's passing from every corner, but I have to say my words.  Her beauty and talent are both unbelievably great.  She is the definition of what Hollywood tries to create in movie stars (yet is innate).  It's the combination of beauty, glamour, talent, joie de vivre, and an 'x' factor reserved for only the chosen that will keep her alive forever.  Angelina Jolie wishes she was half of what La Liz is and will forever be.  Suck it Angie Jo.  Long live LIZ!

The clip I'd like to honor her with is the one that first made me a true believer in how talented an actress she is.  It's from Giant and it's when she puts the men firmly in their place (4.45-8.00):

Ferocious.  There's little I love more than a woman sassing her man.  We love you Liz, we'll miss you dearly, but I'm so grateful that you've made so many wonderful films that I can revisit every single time I need to remember what an amazing icon/actress/goddess/sexpot you were.

I hope you're in heaven right now surrounded by beautiful men, hilarious gays, and dripping in diamonds.

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