Monday, March 21, 2011

Jennifer's Body=Ginger Snaps

Now, I may have already upset people with the title of this post, and for that I deeply apologize.  But there's something that Cine&Sass readers need to understand about me: I love Jennifer's Body.  Before you think I can't possibly know ANYTHING about cinema if I like that film I'll tell you that I don't think it's a great film by any means.  However, it did give me the best time I had in theaters all 2009.  I don't think I enjoyed myself much more than when viewing that film.  The dialogue can be cringe-worthy at times but the film was grossly mis-marketed and should not by any means be taken seriously.  It is a comedy.  It is ridiculous fun.  I know that most of you probably hate it, but we all have those films we love that most of the world shits on, right?

The Ginger Snaps girls.
 I was watching Ginger Snaps for the first time this weekend and was genuinely surprised at how much the general premise reminded me of Jennifer's Body.  Two girls who are insanely close get into a situation where one gets taken over by a mythically supernatural force.  That girl then distances herself from the other and begins to devour men in their small town.  The girl also becomes ridiculously hot and over-sexualized (Megan Fox is always attractive in the film but her sexuality goes baZONkers when she becomes a succubus).  Then the other girl must fight her greatest friend in order to get her back to what she was.

The Jennifer's Body ladies.
I understand that the comparisons are not that cut and dry.  The films do diverge from each other on many levels, but I believe Jennifer's Body is what happens when Ginger Snaps meets indie quirk and raunchy teen comedies...for better or for worse.  Jennifer's Body doesn't have the great puberty and sexuality subtext that Ginger Snaps has, nor does it have the hilarious gothness of its two leads but there is clearly inspiration there.

Sadly, I still like Jennifer's Body more.  It's fun!  So sue me!  


  1. I loved Jenniffer's body. I know a lot of people who did as well. Its far from a classic but its quite funny and entertaining. I have yet to watch Ginger Snaps.

  2. I like this post... this is true, I saw the movie of Jennifer's body earlier than the Ginger Snaps movie, and its like 80 to 99% identical....