Friday, March 11, 2011

Eyre-athon: Age-infidelity

I'm currently in the middle of watching BBC's 1983 mini-series adaptation of Jane Eyre, and I must say that so far it's very good.  What is really annoying me though is that although Jane Eyre is supposed to be 18 when she leaves Lowood for Thornfield Hall, she looks like she's pushing 30 in this adaptation.  That wouldn't be such an issue if her impressionable age wasn't such a crucial plot point.  I did some digging and here are the ages of our Jane Eyres of the past (and only of the ones I'll be watching):
Virginia Bruce - Age during Eyre: 24

Joan Fontaine - Age during Eyre: 27

Zelah Clarke - Age during Eyre: 29 (I told you she looks like she's pushing 30!)

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Age during Eyre: 25

Samantha Morton - Age during Eyre: 20 (THAT is more like it!)

Ruth Wilson - Age during Eyre: 24

Mia Wasikowska - Age during Eyre: 22

Funny that the Samantha Morton-starring adaptation is the most accurate in terms of Jane Eyre's age and the age of the actress, since Samantha Morton is a very odd choice for the role.  I'm happy to see that this good-looking new adaptation with Wasikowska is also fairly close.  But I think that Charlotte Gainsbourg looks the youngest, whilst Ruth Wilson and Mia Wasikowska look the best-fitted for the role.  I only have worthwhile opinions on Fontaine and Clarke since they're the only two I've seen in action.  Too bad that Fontaine is a complete misfire.  


  1. Morton also looks a bit pixie-like, so that's quite fitting. Wasikowska looks great as Jane, looks pretty much as you'd expect Jane to look. :) And also, even if she was 22 during filming, she LOOKS like she could be 18, which pretty much none of the others do - Clarke in particular.