Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Color Me Excited: Submarine

Submarine played TIFF, it played Sundance, has been picked up by the Weinsteins, and is produced by Ben Stiller.  It's directed by British comic and actor Richard Ayoade and seems to have been everywhere since it's premiere at TIFF.  I've been hearing about it and especially Sally Hawkin's supposedly fantastic turn in the film ever since that premiere.  So why did it take me all the way until today to finally watch the trailer?!  I'm very optimistic about my own liking of the film since it's in the comedy wheelhouse that I love: heartfelt and witty.  I detest slapstick, I don't really like rom-coms, I don't like jokes that feel 'written' or feel awkward coming out of character's mouths (i.e. most of generic American comedies).  I do love a film like Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, The Full Monty, Cedar Rapids, Up in the Air, (500) Days of Summer, or The Kids Are All Right, which mix witty situational and line comedy with a heartfelt and meaningful story or character-study.  This looks to be from that vein, but with an English tenor, and I'm loving the way it's looking (and the poster).  So I guess you can sign me up to be there when it opens in the USA on June 3.

And as a side-note, the lead boy is super adorable.

Trailer and poster:

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