Friday, February 11, 2011

Yummy News: Filming for The Hobbit Has Almost Begun!

Surfing the net at work today yielded the news that Peter Jackson & Co. had a press conference yesterday revolving around his newfound health after an ulcer issue, and confirming that The Hobbit will officially start filming in March!  This is very exciting news since it seems for the past two years news about the project has been off and on (especially the juicy bits that linked James McAvoy wrongly to Bilbo), and the directing chair has seen a few different names attached.  I personally am disappointed Guillermo del Toro will not be directing these films--even if Peter Jackson directed the incredible trilogy The Lord of the Rings--but I hold out hope that The Hobbit will live up to that previous series' quality and entertainment value!

Also exciting is this photo released of the main cast (hot dwarves and all!):

That guy sitting on the rock with the hole in his jeans is giving me serious sweats.  HELLO.  His name is Robert Kazinsky and he's playing the dwarf Fili along with hot mountain man in the bottom left--Aidan Turner--who is playing his bro, Kili.  Talk about genetically blessed.  Here's some more zingers:

I am officially pumped.

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  1. Not to forget Richard Armitage (Thorin, the mostly obscured one in the background on that photo). Swoon!