Thursday, February 24, 2011

TO-DIE: Gucci Fall 2011 RTW

I've never been a constant fan of Gucci.  I think they occasionally put out really great collections, but for me Frida Giannini's time designing for Gucci has been either WOW (Spring 2011) or blah (Fall 2010).  But Giannini's collection for Fall 2011 is a stunner.  On top of that it's the brand's 90th anniversary, so kudos all around!  Giannini stated that her inspirations for the collection were Anjelica Huston as photographed by Bob Richardson:

and the goddess Florence Welch (of Florence+The Machine, of course):

God I love that woman so fucking much.

And what has been wrought from these two inspirations is a beautiful collection of color, class, '70s inspirations, and something inherently Gucci even though it seems to differentiate itself from the fashion house's usual output.  Some of my fave looks (there are many this time!):

My favorite Florence song, which also happens to be my favorite ballad of all time.  It may be my favorite song of all time, actually....perhaps:

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