Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thoughts and Grade: The Room(2003)

The Room (dir. Wiseau, 2003)

After watching The Room, I think I can pass away.  I have seen everything.  Never before has a film (I hesitate to use that word) been so unspeakably bad and so deliciously good at the same time. I've heard about the film and its cult status many times over, but it wasn't until my friend Patrick insisted we watch that I finally caved. Over frozen appetizers and cheap white wine my friends and I experienced something like none other.  I can also say that being drunk and full of carbs is the perfect way to enjoy this film.  Otherwise you may not really 'get' it.

Lisa, you're tearing me APART!
 I'm still not quite sure what The Room is about, but it revolves around Johnny (writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau) and Lisa (Juliette Danielle) as their relationship falls apart because of Lisa's infidelity with Tommy's best friend Mark (Greg Sestero).  Now that sounds much more sophisticated than it actually is.  The film rarely sticks to its plotline and hardly works when it does.  There's also an odd man-child named Danny/Denny/Dinny (Phillip Haldiman), whose name I don't know because everyone says it differently and whose purpose is even more veiled.  And of course, my favorite character, Claudette (Carolyn Minnott) who plays Lisa's mom.  All of the actors are wooden and give some of the worst/best line delivery I've ever heard.  Specifically Wiseau, who provides my singular favorite moment in the film (the first 07 seconds of the clip):

"I DID NAAAAHT!  oh hai Mark".  Classic.  The whole film has ridiculous lines and transitions like that.  At one point Lisa and her mother Claudette are talking about Lisa's infidelity and her mother says: 'the test results are back.  I have breast cancer'.  Lisa's response: 'Mom, I love MARK!'.  Completely gliding over the fact that her mother just declared she has BREAST CANCER!  It's these extraneous lines of dialogue and moments that make the film so horribly great.

Lisa, Danny/Denny/Dinny, and Johnny
 Then there's the fact that they recycle a sex scene and use it twice.  Or the awkward laughs by Wiseau's character at the most inappropriate moments.  Or the random moment when a guy trys to attack Denny/Danny/Dinny for stealing his money.  I could go on and on and on.  The film just proves that even if technically it's a disaster and it's too earnest, it can be the funniest thing around. 

I recommend that if anyone is a fan of terrible terrible films to please seek this out because you will not be sorry.  It is one of the most fun experiences I've had watching a movie in a very long time.  I spend so many of my days watching 'good' and 'quality' cinema that it's so nice to take a moment and watch a complete piece of shit.  And laugh about it while eating mozzarella sticks.  Win-win situation, I say.

Grade: It deserves an F, but in terms of enjoyment it's a total A.  So: F/A

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