Monday, February 7, 2011

Stuck-In-My-Head Sundays: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll'

Now, I know that this evening on "Glee" they mashed this amazing song up with MJ's "Thriller", but all it does is taint the underground disco-infused energy of this track.  It's a song that always makes me want to completely lose my shit, and the last week it's haunted my every move.  Walking to and from my day jobs has found me stepping along to the beat, wishing I could pull a (500) Days of Summer and break out into a huge choreographed dance.  Alas, I'm a terrible dancer, but this song channels something deep within my soul.

I've never loved the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  But I like "Maps", "Cheated Hearts", "Skeletons", and this track enough to officially cement them in the most replayed playlist on my iPod: Cravings.  These four tracks, and the above especially are ridiculous earworms.

Today I make a vow to officially learn to love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, obscure tracks and all.  They deserve as much from me, especially since giving me "Heads Will Roll."

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