Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poster Love: Kelly Reichardt's Meek's Cutoff

Well isn't this just the day for wonderful film posters!  First we have One Day, and now festival darling Meek's Cutoff from indie director Kelly Reichardt.  I've only seen one of Reichardt's films, and that is the 2008 favorite Wendy & Lucy which is masterful but also quite heartbreaking.  That film is what made me a strong believer in Michelle Williams, and I'm glad to see the two of them reuniting for what appears to be another very strong effort.  The film centers on the historical tale of Stephen Meek, who led an ill-fated contingent of wagons through a shortcut en route to Willamette Valley in 1845.  Word from TIFF and Venice is that it's a wonderful slow-burn of a film (score!) that is observational, tense, and full of great performances.  And now there's a fantastic poster to accompany it!

When it hits theaters on April 8th I will totally be there.  This is a great Spring for films, by the way.  I'm planning on doing a Spring preview at some point this week to feature all the amazing things that are going to be released in the next 3-4 months.  There are some stunners!

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