Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot: Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters (1984)

I love Sig, especially as Ripley in the Alien franchise, but my goodness she is so hot/awesome in Ghostbusters:

Hilarious.  I just saw this movie for the first time today.  I've seen bits and pieces throughout my life, but never the movie in its entirety.  I was quite underwhelmed but only because it's LOVED by everyone.  I don't think my expectations could've been higher.  But it's still such a fun movie and Bill Murray/Rick Moranis/Sigourney Weaver are all hilarious in ways I couldn't enjoy more.

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  1. Ghostbusters is truly laughable: one can laugh with and of it. And, yes, Sigourney is wonderful in the film. Her hair style is also hilarious.