Sunday, February 20, 2011


I will be away through this upcoming Wednesday, the 23rd of February, so posting will freeze during that time.  I'm sorry for all of those who are reading, but I promise as soon as I return I will pick right back up where I've left off!

It's a good thing London fashion week is going on whilst I'm away anyway since it normally is the least exciting!

Feel free to enjoy some of my favorite blogs:

The Film Experience - A great cinema blog run by the wonderful and handsome Nathaniel R.!  Check out his annual Film Bitch Awards (most of which I agree with), which are underway right now!

In Contention - Run by Kris Tapley and Guy Lodge this is THE site for all your awards-watching needs.  They do a fantastic job.

Stale Popcorn - A great cinema-blog run by the adorable Australian Glenn Dunks.  Check out his round-up of the best and worst posters from 2010 (Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt. 3).  It's fantastic stuff.

Otherwise have a great beginning to your week!

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