Thursday, February 10, 2011

Condemnation: The Cover Art for The King's Speech Blu-Ray


SERIOUSLY?!  Your film is about to probably win Best Picture at this year's Oscars (despite my disagreement of the choice) and THIS is how you decide to market it on shelves in video stores where most commonfolk will end up seeing it for the first time?!?  This is TERRIBLE.  You can't even tell what the film is about!  It looks like Colin Firth is an upright army general, Geoffrey Rush is giving him intense side-eye so he MUST be the villain, and that odd-looking gnome on the other side must be the love interest, right?  Because this is a romantic comedy?!  I don't even know!!!

Unsurprisingly, this reminds me of the first poster released for the film, which has been decried by many as the worst poster released in 2010.  See:

The sad thing is, I like this much better than I like the Blu-ray artwork!!!  (And Geoffrey, I still see you giving the side-eye to Colin, but this time it's much more come sub-plot?!)  Tom Hooper--the director--was so appalled at this poster that he publicly called it and the Weinsteins out on it's shiteousness.  Sooo, the Weinsteins went back to their creepy cave, and came up with this:

THANK YOU!  So much better!  I think studios over and over resist the urge to put out posters that are aesthetically pleasing because they think so much of middle America doesn't care.  Do you know anybody that doesn't walk into a bookstore and pick up the first 'pretty' cover that they see?  I don't!  Of course, probably 90% of America doesn't read, but I hate to tell you Bob and Harvey, those are the people that aren't coming to your movie!

Although I did have two obese chatty plebians behind me when I saw this that almost ruined my entire maybe it's working?

Solution:  Throw out the Blu-Ray artwork, and copy and paste that last poster above onto the now blank cover.  SOLVED!

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  1. Can actors no longer be bothered to pose together in pictures anymore? I feel like EVERY TIME I see two or more people on a DVD or poster they are photoshopped together so they look like paper dolls with blurry edges.