Thursday, February 10, 2011

Color Me Excited: X-Men: First Class

Yes.  This is what I've been waiting for.  It's been well over a year since this project was announced and Matthew Vaughn was signed on to direct, and ever since that moment the excitement within has been swelling to epic proportions.  First they cast my lover James McAvoy as Professor X.  Then my mistress Michael Fassbender as Magneto.  Then they case January Jones as Emma Frost, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Rose Byrne as Moira McTaggert, and Nicholas Hoult as Beast.  Ever since those four officially made their involvement known, I've been 'chomping at the bit' for any bit of materials pertaining to the film.  And THEN it was formally announced that the film would be appropriately set in the early 1960s.  WHAT?!  I then passed away.

Luckily I came back to life and a few weeks ago a couple promotional stills from the film (not counting the terrible leaked photo) were released, and whilst beautiful and intriguing, they were largely underwhelming:

The teaser poster was also released, and it was pretty bland:

But my lovelies, all is good in the world.  The official trailer has been released.  It does not wow me the same way the trailers for Battle: Los Angeles have, but it is a beautiful look at a film that looks to be a good turn for the X-Men series.  It has an amazingly talented cast, it looks incredibly shot and organized, and what I love MOST of all is that it looks to focus more on Xavier and Magneto and their relationship, which is unbelievably enthralling.  I like my superhero films to have action, yes, but I like them to have much more soul.  Whilst we'll obviously still have a ton of action, there seems to be much more underlying this film thematically. We shall see for sure in June, but I'm pretty pumped until then.

Also, I've always found the X-Men to be much more interesting than many other superheroes because they not only are born with their powers, but have to struggle to be accepted by society because of this.  I find it hits very close to home, albeit in a fantastical sense.  The films and characters give me a chance to have a wonderful time, and be amongst people whose struggles I can relate to (even if they can control the Weather!).

The trailer:

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  1. Ohhh my goodness, I just got MAJOR CHILLS!! JAMES MCAVOY!!! I must say, I am also "chomping at the bit."