Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stuck-in-my-Head Sundays: Robyn - 'Stars 4-Ever'

So every Sunday I'm going to feature a song that has spent the entire week dominating my musical thoughts.  This week the song is Robyn's 'Stars 4-Ever'.

If anyone is a fan of pop music and has not heard any of Robyn's 3-part Body Talk album, they cannot call themselves a true fan of the genre.  My favorite song of the year--'Dancing on My Own'--is on Body Talk Pt. 1 and between the three EPs there are tons more super fun and instant-classic hits (i.e. 'Dancehall Queen,' 'Fembot,' 'None of Dem,' 'Cry When You Get Older,' 'Hang with Me,' 'Indestructible,' 'Love Kills,' 'Call Your Girlfriend,').  However, off Body Talk, Pt. 3 which I just got last weekend I realized that although 'Call Your Girlfriend' is perhaps my favorite, it's 'Stars 4-Ever' that will not leave my brain.  That chorus is so damn catchy!  So enjoy, and if you haven't checked out Robyn yet, now's your chance!

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