Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Awards: My 6 Favorite Looks

Let's celebrate some pretty, yes?  Overall the SAG Red Carpet last night was pretty blah, but for me these 6 ladies really showed that they can show up looking perfect (or nearly).

Nicole Kidman
in Nina Ricci

This look to me is classic Nicole Kidman and I love it.  It's glamorous in a very chic way.  I don't love this look but I love Nicole in it.  I only wish that since they went with that big random necklace they'd chosen something that complimented the gothic drama of the dress a bit more.  It clashes a bit too much for my taste, but I just love her in it.  I wish the hair was a little more put-together.

Helena Bonham Carter
in Marc Jacobs

I just love HBC's style and this works SO well for her!  It's almost safe for her, which scares me because I love when she brings the crazy, but it fits so well and is so pretty!  Her hair looks pretty great (especially after how gross it looked at the Globes) and the accessories are perfect and understated.  Go Helena!  But please bring sometime crack-tastic to the Oscars because you're the only one I can count on.

Kyra Sedgwick
in vintage Thierry Mugler

This dress is GORGEOUS.  I love how simple and chic it is, love that it's velvet, and I love the detail around the bustline.  If Angelina had worn this she'd look like a ridiculous Morticia Adams, but she brings such fun and class to the dress.  Hair, make-up, jewelry, are all perfection.  And it should be noted that I normally detest Kyra Sedgwick and find her style boring, so this is hard for me to admit.

Mila Kunis
in Alexander McQueen

Oh how I love Mila Kunis.  She is beautiful, but frequently wears interesting gowns to these sort of events.  I like that she doesn't always knock it out of the park but always tries taking some sort of risk whether it be with silhouette, print, etc.  This McQueen is stunningly beautiful, and the print is so mesmerizing.  I love that the silhouette is different from everything else that was worn last night and feels fresh, youthful, and exactly what a young starlet should be wearing to this event.

Hailee Steinfeld
in Prada

SO FUN.  The girl is 14 and nominated for an Oscar.  This dress is exuberant and so young and fresh and absolutely perfect for her!  The hair is exactly what a 14 year old should be doing.  I find that when young actresses try and glam like an A-list 40 year old it just looks so terrible and in poor taste.  Yay to Hailee for bringing a fun print, bright color, and an appropriate youthfulness to her clothes last night.

January Jones!
in Carolina Herrera

PERFECTION.  Look at how stunning she is.  The hair is beautiful and a reference to Betty Draper's 60s housewife without being derivative.  The dress is very traditional in silhouette and material but looks so on-trend with the sheer panels and the gorgeous gold lace.  I love the risks that January takes with her looks and how at each awards show I never know what she's going to do.  THAT is what red carpets are all about.  I love how just one week ago she wore the hula-girl red Versace with gorgeous hair but questionable taste and then she can turn around and bring a completely different look to the SAG awards.  Girl, I appreciate you keeping me on my toes.  And also thank you for NOT wearing Versace for once.  I love the fashion house, but it's good to see you playing around.  (Also, your ads for Versace are GORGEOUS).  

There you have it!  My favorite from SAG!  A boring red carpet but these 6 lovelies kept me in rapt attention.


  1. It would seem that Prada has finally caught on to what I've ALWAYS known, which is that orange and pink are SO GOOD TOGETHER.

  2. Yeah but as a ginger you can't wear orange and pink together! You'd look ridiculous! Unless you were wearing Prada, of course. Then I'd forgive you.