Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Letter to Michelle Williams

My Dear Michelle:

It should go without saying that I adore you both as an actress and as a fashionista. I frequently find your sense of style to be very 'twee' but in a chic, simple, and fabulous way. You love bows, I love bows. You like the occasional sparkle, I like the sparkle 24/7 (so you indulge me). But this almost depressed me as much as the 70 some-odd inches of snow we've gotten in the past month:

(That's Valentino.  Yes, I know.  Disgraceful.)

YIKES.  Listen, I love you, but please leave my grandmother's retirement community shower curtain alone!  Meme needs her privacy!  I think you gave an incredible performance in Blue Valentine that you were thankfully nominated for, but I want you to also show up to the Oscars reminding everyone that you're the actress who wore this iconic yellow gown just a few years ago:
(Oh Heath, how we miss you!)

So some advice from a fellow Valentino-lover.  I'm going to showcase 3 gowns.  ALL of which play to what I believe is the personal style you've shown over the past year from Sundance 2010 onwards, and I hope to goodness that if you don't select one for the Oscars you'll select another fabulous designer and a dress that makes you look like the future Oscar-winner you are (not this year, of course, because that naked gold man is all Natalie Portman's, and you know what happened when Lily tried to usurp Nina's role in Black Swan!).  Here we go:

Twee, but chic. You to a T.  Not exactly Oscars-appropriate, but it's an improvement.

I absolutely adore the 70's vibe of the ruffles on the bodice.  And it's different, which you like.

I LOVE this silhouette and it's simplicity.

All of these looks would work for you, but if you were to choose look #2 or #3, you better make them dye it a different color because beige will look so boring and bland on you and as we all learned from the Globes' red carpet: red and green are the IN colors for evening at the moment.  Maybe one of them dyed a signature Valentino red?

Please.  Listen.


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